points series
varnish on canvas, variable dimensions, 2016-ongoing.

• Writing a body map using hands positions
• Illustrating hands position while stimulating a point. Every point corresponds to a different human organ or apparat. The stimulation of such point effects the correspondent organ or apparat (according to reflexology)
• Selecting the background colour on the bases of he chromatic frequency that effect such organ or apparat .Every background colour corresponds to a different Human organ or apparat (according to chromotherapy)
• generating the possibility of physical well-being in the viewer

cervello, varnish on canvas, 220x150 cm, 2016.

occhi, varnish on canvas 25x35 cm, 2016.

pancreas, varnish on canvas 100x150 cm, 2017.

plesso solare, varnish on canvas, 18x25 cm, 2016

cuore, varnish on canvas 120x80 cm, 2016.

genitali, varnish on canvas, 120x80 cm, 2016

spina dorsale, varnish on canvas 150x100 cm, 2016.

milza, varnish on canvas, 25x35 cm, 2016.

tiroide, varnish on canvas, 25x35 cm, 2016.

spina dorsale, varnish on canvas, 120x80 cm, 2016.