Hen House

video 07’13’’, group show in the hen house.

Invited for a solo show, found a hen-house next to the exhibition space.

• Organising a group show* in the hen-house next to the exhibition space, inaccessible to human public
• Publicing the event affixing flyers in the neighboring hen-houses
• Video-documenting the exhibition and the interaction between the animals and the works of art
• Exhibiting the video as the only piece of art in the solo show

*The group show contains 9 works by 9 artists, created responsively to the hen-house.
List of Artists: Mimì Enna, Marcello Tedesco, Irene Fenara, Marco Casella, Giuseppe DeMattia, Daniele Pulze, Filippo Marzocchi, Francesca Bertazzoni, Mattia Pajè.

Hen House, Daniele Pulze, Chick-cartoon-animal-clothes..., digital print on PVC, 100 x 106 cm cm, 2016.

Hen House, Marco Casella, Hen-House, allegorical dream place, digital print on PVC, 200x50 cm, 2016.)